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…Aftermath of the Red Wedding ….


Four weeks ago Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, and almost the entire Northern army were massacred at the Twins at the wedding feast of Edmure and Roslin, which becomes known as the Red Wedding. Robb and his army were betrayed by his own bannermen, House Frey and House Bolton.
Lord Walder Frey directly violated guest rights in the betrayal, killing men who were officially guests in his home and ate at his own table, breaking the most sacred laws of gods and men.
As a final insult, the Freys and Boltons desecrated Robb Stark’s corpse by decapitating it and then sewing the head of his direwolf Grey Wind onto his body in its place ….

In the aftermath of the Red Wedding and the chaos of Westros at war a group of travelers find themselves trapped by a violent storm in a northern village ….. and are forced to deal with both each other and what comes after ….

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